E-payment solutions for government, property management, education, utilities, healthcare organizations and more

What we do.
Value Payment Systems (VPS) enables our clients and partners to process e-payments via the Internet, phone and point-of-sale (in-office) for a variety of payment options including credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks. In fact, our easy to use low cost e-payment solutions save our clients and their customers millions of dollars annually.

Delivering value one payment at a time.
We continuously innovate, develop and promote e-payment products, services and pricing options to consistently deliver the best value for our partners, our clients and their customers.

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Why choose VPS?

We save many of our clients, and their customers, over 80% on e-payment services.

We provide convenience through a variety of tailored payment services and methods.

We continuously innovate e-payment programs that deliver the best value for our clients.

We enable our clients to migrate their e-payment strategy over time based on their needs.